Borobudur Temple in Indonesia: The world's largest Buddhist temple

Few historical adventures can offer the same sense of exhilaration, discovery and cultural as our Yogyakarta tour package. Visiting Borobudur temple through Yogyakarta is a very powerful experience. We quickly learn that we are deeply immersed in a cultural experience with comrades. As we set out from Yogyakarta City, the buzzing energy of the large metropolis fades to the magnificent Borobudur temple. Pass ancient temples, colorful gardens, lively traditional markets and tranquil backwater villages.

You will explore the lofty Borobudur temples. A couple of hours spent exploring the amazing Borobudur temple will mark the beauty of your journey. Spend Your time discovering the wonders of Southeast Asia while travel of Java -  Indonesia, culture and historical in Yogyakarta.

Take in the warm culture and sacred history of these from beautiful countries. Explore the 9th century temples growing from the jungle floor these built in the past, and thousand-year-old tributes to Buddhist deities. Java brings a unique mix of remote, natural beauty and archaeological wonders. Delve into the mysteries of the ancient Java which is rich in history. Feeling the magnitude of this temple complex, is an experience that is not soon forgotten.

Hidden Java
40 kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta and 86 kilometres west of Surakarta, Borobudur is located in an elevated area between two twin volcanoes, Sundoro-Sumbing and Merbabu-Merapi, and two rivers, the Progo and the Elo. According to local myth, the area known as Kedu Plain is a Javanese "sacred" place and has been dubbed "the garden of Java". During the restoration in the early 20th century, it was discovered that three Buddhist temples in the region, Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut, are positioned along a straight line. A ritual relationship between the three temples must have existed, although the exact ritual process is unknown.

One part adventure and relaxation, this exploration of Borobudur temple will impress even the most seasoned traveler. Stepping into Borobudur feels like entering another world. This active yet easy-going adventure is a true immersion in the powerful history and impressive landscapes that make Borobudur such a magical destination.

Borobudur sunrise
From Yogyakarta, take a sunrise visit to the sacred Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Enter through the Manohara resort, learning about ancient temples along the way. Walk from Manohara hotel, a walker' paradise, through gardens temple and monasteries to the top of Borobudur to see the sunrise at early morning.

Borobudur sunrise is more than just ethereal landscapes. Its endearing culture are so fascinating and beautiful. Venture off the beaten path to quiet temple, for a more intimate vantage point of life. all the feels of your travel will be amazing experience.