Tour Package 1 Day

The best time to do the trekking is in the morning. Depart from Magelang or Yogyakarta hotel, then stop in the last village situated a bit further up on the hill, nearest to the temple. A local guide is assigned to lead the trip. Crossing the rice paddy fields and lush vegetation, there is a chance that you will meet some farmers working on their fields. You can stop and chat, before going up to the hill to find the gate of the hidden temple.

From the temple area, you will be rewarded with views of Mount Sumbing shrouded in mist to the west, and green terraces and mountain peaks beyond in the east. The temple itself is small and ornate; it can be seen in only 20 minutes, but is well worth the trip.                

Central Java has been the epicentre of power in Indonesia ever since ancient mystic Hinduism and Buddhism arrived along with the traders and explorers from South Asia. Many Hindu monuments were built to honour the king, such as the Prambanan complex and other small temples that still can be found around Central Java. One of those small temples is the hidden temple known as “Selogriyo”, located about 30km from Borobudur temple by car. Start the trekking from the small village, where locals living nearby will come to greet you and enjoy some chats about their daily activities. Then, after a 2km walk framed by mountains and rice paddies, you will get to the main gate of the temple.Highlights:• A great spot, off the beaten track• Dedicated guide with good knowledge in history and culture• Combinable with Borobudur or village activity in Candirejo in the afternoon• Get in touch with local people

  • Transportation
  • Guide.
  • Mineral water.
  • Entrance fee